Masters (M.Sc.) in Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

The M.Sc. Course in Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (PMBB) at the Plant Molecular Biology Department (PMB), University of Delhi South Campus (UDSC) offers exposure to the latest developments in the exciting and burgeoning areas of modern Plant Sciences. The PMBB course is carefully crafted to prepare students for a potential career in Plant Molecular Biology and its related domains. Additionally, it serves as a vital resource for supplying bright researchers to the academic institutions and skilled professionals to the burgeoning Plant Biotechnology industry in India and abroad.
        Our comprehensive curriculum encompasses Classroom Teaching, Laboratory Practical sessions, Tutorials in the form of Seminars, and an invigorating Dissertation component. Throughout the course, you will explore thirteen Theory Papers intelligently distributed across three Semesters. Twelve of these Papers are taught within the PMB Department, while you will have the opportunity to choose from a diverse array of topics offered by sister Departments within the Faculty of Interdisciplinary and Applied Sciences (FIAS) at UDSC for the remaining one paper.
      The journey begins in the first semester with two Papers from the PMB Department, delving into Basic Concepts and Techniques in Molecular Biology, Molecular Cell Biology, Recombinant DNA technology, and Bioinformatics. In the second semester, you will dive deeper into four captivating Papers, exploring Molecular Basis of Plant Growth and Development, Plant Biochemistry and Metabolism, Proteomics, and Metabolomics. Notably, a paper on Data Analytics and Biocuration is open to students from other FIAS Departments too, adding to the interdisciplinary learning experience. The third semester brings four advanced Papers to the forefront: Structure and Function of Eukaryotic Genome, Pattern Formation and Differentiation in Plants, Molecular Breeding and IPR-related issues, and Plant Biotechnology. Complementing the Theory, hands-on Practical sessions are thoughtfully designed to provide you with real-world experience, while Tutorials empower you to sharpen your presentation skills. Furthermore, the course offers four elective courses focusing on advanced subjects, namely Plant Stress Biology, Small RNA Biology and Epigenetics, Biotechnological Approaches in Controlling Plant Form and Function, and Advanced Plant Imaging Techniques. These electives provide you with the opportunity to delve deeper into specialized areas and expand your knowledge base. In the final semester, your focus shifts entirely to a Dissertation, where you will embark on an immersive research journey under the guidance of esteemed faculty members. This experience will equip you with invaluable skills and direct exposure to conducting cutting-edge research in a modern laboratory environment.
     Graduates of this department have been successfully placed as teachers and scientists in institutions across India and around the world. A significant number of our students have achieved excellence in their professions, both in developed foreign countries and renowned Indian institutions.

       Join us at the University of Delhi South Campus and unlock the potential within you. Together, let's create a brighter and greener future through the wonders of Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.
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