Akhilesh K. Tyagi

Friday Seminar by Dr. Prasant K. Dansana

AKT Lab/Friday/September 8, 2017/3.30pm/Regulation of Source-Sink Communication under abiotic stress.
Category: Research
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Regulation of Source-Sink Communication under Abiotic Stress

Communication between source organs and sink organs has an essential role in the carbohydrate assimilation and partitoning during plant growth and development and is a crucial factor for the plant productivity. The balance of source production and sink utilization of carbon is coordinated through a complex signalling network involving hormones, sugar and environment cues and regulate developmental and stress response processes. These signalling pathways determine the direction of nutrient flow and metabolic pathways. Insight into the molecular basis for regulation of source-sink communication may provide strategies for genetic manipulation of source sink nutrient allocation and improved crop productivity.

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