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Friday Seminar by Dr. Naveen Sharma

Pk Lab/ Friday/ September 6, 2019/ 3.30 pm/ Universal Stress Protein (USP): Role in Abiotic Stress
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Universal Stress Protein (USP): Role in Abiotic Stress


A novel stress-inducible protein (13.5 kDa) was identified from the cytosolic fraction of E. coli using MALDI analysis in 1990. The protein named ‘Universal Stress Protein (USP)’ which is significantly overexpressed under unfavourable environmental stresses, such as nutrients starvation (deficiency of carbon, nitrogen, phosphate, sulphate, and amino acids), heat/cold shock, oxidative stress, heavy metal toxicity, uncoupler of electron transport chains, exposure to polymyxin, cycloserine, ethanol and antibiotics etc. USP proteins containing at least one USP domain consisting of 140 to 160 conserved amino acid residues with other diverse functional motifs have been found from a wide variety of organism including bacteria, archaea, plants, and metazoans. The functions of USPs are shown to involve in protein scaffolding, holding and preventing the denaturation of molten globular macromolecules, and cellular protein transport. Diverse roles of USPs have been reported in plants one of them is to enable plants to resist against multiple stresses in ever-changing environment.

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