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Friday Seminar by Dr. Israr Ahmed

GKP Lab/ Friday/ August 23, 2019/ 3.30 pm/  Annexins : multifunctional components of growth and adaptation
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Annexins: multifunctional components of growth and adaptation
Dr Israr Ahmed
Annexins, which form an evolutionarily conserved family of proteins, are known to be involved in important biological processes such as membrane trafficking, cytoskeletal organization, cellular homeostasis and ion transport. They are widely known for mediating plant stress responses. Although, the mechanism involved in these responses is not deciphered clearly, several recent attempts in this direction have strengthened our understanding of the different components involved in annexin-mediated stress responses in plants, which prompted us to link and hypothesize their involvement in stress alleviation by predicting a possible relation with different elements participating in stress signaling. In this presentation, I will talk about some of the recent findings on the role of plant annexins in abiotic stress response.
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